Miscellaneous Resources

Independence Mine State Historical Park – Hatcher Pass (Mikhail Siskoff photo)

Understanding Old Buildings:The Process of Architectural Investigation
If you have ever felt a sense of excitement and mystery going inside an old building – whether occupied or vacant – it is probably because its materials and features resonate with the spirit of past people and events.

The Preparation and Use of Historic Structure Reports
A historic structure report provides documentary, graphic, and physical information about a property’s history and existing condition.

Blue Ox Millworks & Historic Village
Eric Hollenbeck, his family and staff welcome you to the Blue Ox Millworks, where the craftsmanship tools and techniques of the last century are utilized to produce authentic custom millwork for private homes and commercial buildings throughout the United States.  Eric Hollenbeck from “The Craftsman” TV series now showing on Magnolia TV and Discovery+.

Tales from the Blue Ox by Dan Brett  A Hands-On Manual of Traditional Skills From the Blue Ox Millworks and Historic Park. The modern world is full of dizzying technological advances and scientific breakthroughs. Unfortunately, it is also a place of unparalleled waste and quick fixes in which increased specialization takes us further and further from the very skills that got us where we are.

Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory
The Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory was formed in 2010 by Michael Worthington and Jane Seiter to provide cutting-edge dendrochronological services to archaeologists, architectural historians, art historians, cultural resource managers, and private house owners. 

Cleveland Restoration Society
Various videos on historic preservation on YouTube

The Preservation Resource Center
The PRC preserves New Orleans’ historic architecture, neighborhoods and cultural identity through collaboration, empowerment, and service to our community.

What You Need to Know Before Buying an Old House
With their aesthetic character and distinctive charm, old houses are staples on the real estate market. In fact, many buyers aren’t interested in new constructions at all and prefer the qualities of homes built in certain styles or eras. However, an older home isn’t right for every sort of buyer.